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Re: David Foster reveals his plans for a new Star Trek series?

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...he wouldn't have spilled the whole idea to the public before even getting a meeting with CBS....So the fact that Foster revealed so much of his idea online is the best reason to doubt that anything was ever going to come of it...

Um...nice facts .

The fact, is that there are over 800 pages of 'the whole idea.' How many pages are out there? None, just a few words, and a whole lot of discussion. Oh, yes, and some interviews that never happened.

Much has been published as fact without any real research. The people who have called or emailed directly have more information I assure you.

The true fans are excited about getting a well written series with gripping characters back on TV. If that is what happens, I will be thrilled.


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Obvious troll is obvious, I say.

And the only David Foster I've ever heard of is a record producer/songwriter/pianist.
Yep. If this cadet thinks we're going to believe that he's actually the same guy who the OP is talking about, he's got another think coming. The odds of the real David Foster actually reading this topic when there's been not a peep out of him for almost two years is quite remote.
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