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Re: What unseen Star Trek event do you want to read about next?

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I pitched that to Pocket, but got no interest. It wouldn't feature enough familiar characters or elements to be marketable.
I know this is difficult to answer since you might get to tell this story another time but how might you have done it?
I didn't have solid plans, but I thought it would be cool to organize a multi-author collaboration, sort of a cross between how Mere Anarchy and Vanguard were done. A series of books spanning the whole era and covering major events in that time, from early human-Vulcan relations to the founding of the first human colonies and the rise of the Space Boomers to the Warp 5 Project. But I never actually talked to anyone else about it -- I thought I should float it with the editor first and see if there was any prospect for it before I got anyone else involved.

But it would've been difficult to pull off, and wouldn't have felt too much like Trek, because we couldn't really have used that many aliens -- Vulcans mostly, plus maybe Denobulans and Draylaxians at some point -- and the technology would've been a lot less advanced. It would've felt more like an original near-future SF series than a Trek series -- which would've been an interesting challenge for me creatively, but probably not an easy sell for Trek readers. In retrospect, though, it's more fun to do something like Rise of the Federation where I've got a lot of aliens and interstellar politics and such to play with. And it might give me the opportunity to explore the pre-ENT period in retrospect, at least to some degree.
Sounds interesting! But I agree that it's too close to our time and too far from the Star Trek Universe in terms of what we come to expect from Star Trek. Interestingly I once read a rumor years back before Abrams was doing Star Trek that there were plans for a Star Trek movie set dealing with Spock going back in time to World War III. I think that's one way of doing a story in that setting that links it with the Trek era.
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