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There are smaller ones that are much more repulsive to me. Huge black shiny abdomens..

Huntsman are kind of too much like crabs to bother me. Still I don't leave them alone, they DO breed.. so I smash the big ones with a book. Yes it's quite a carcass and they are full of green goo. My problem is I can't bring myself to smash the baby ones which are light reddish brown and kind of cute. Yes I know they grow into the big ones.. but some will move outside, get eaten by birds and other spiders and australian wasps. My tolerance for what size I don't smash is getting bigger though, and then sometimes when there is a REALLY huge one (bigger than in the pic) I feel like it's to be admired for being such an alpha spider and I should respect it and not smash it. Yeah if my tolerance keeps growing I'm going to be 80 years old and living with a hundred spiders who I've named.

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