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Re: The Caregivers' Thread

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^What about respite care? Does thinking about it as a caregiver make you a bad person?
A few people have told me, "You can't take care of your Mom if you don't take care of yourself." This includes taking care of my health, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Respite care helps you better take care of your loved one because you come back refreshed. Whether that break is for a few hours, a weekend or a vacation... YOU NEED THAT BREAK SOMETIMES.

Today was grocery shopping day. Believe it or not... that is my respite at this point. I get out to meet people other than doctors and medical personnel (Mom's and mine). It helps that we live in a moderately small town, where I run into people I know who work or shop where I do.

In short, whatever respite (break from the monotony, weariness, etc. of caregiving) helps to refresh you... do it. Even a hobby, like STAR TREK or TrekBBS, helps refresh.

[p.s.- Hi Lovely Lady from your number one fan!]
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