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Re: Deep Space Nine thoughts & questions

Pretty much. You could view the Bajoran Occupation as a larger scale and prolonged version of the Holocaust. With the Bajorans being the Jews and Cardassians as the Nazis. While both the Bajorans and the Jewish people commited acts of "terrorism" and other violence against their oppressors. It could be justified given the circumstances. While their were innocent casualties among Cardassians who had nothing to do with the military or occupation, terrorism is a tool of the desperate in extremes.

To a lesser extent you have the IRA. With their conflict with the UK being over civil rights and fair treatment. Similar to what african-americans and other minorites went through in the US. Difference is the IRA used violence and bombs to attack British military and other target, while a majority of violence was directed toward the marching protest of the blacks in the US from the establishment government. I say majority because the muslim brotherhood was also apart of the civil rights era and they were more militant.

I digress. A show like DS9 with terrorism and religion as the central conflict for a pitch to any network now would probably not be picked up. During the 90's terrorism was a far away thing. It was real in other countries but little more than science fiction to us in the States. The Islamist/muslim terrorists share a similar vein with the Bajorans. In the sense that they feel their religion is the one true faith and could care less about the infidels (non-believers). It's made worse by the fact that in DS9 their Bajoran gods are real. Frakking real! I couldn't stand all the preachy religious BS every single Bajoran spouted. It was so annoying. Religion is about faith, if your gods are proven to be real, then where is the investment? That you hope they'll send you blessings or do special favors for you? Like destroying a 2,800 Dominion Fleet coming through the Wormhole kind of favor? With Muslims they take their holy texts very seriously. Look at the attacks in Afghanistan at the US base when a FL preacher said he would hold a Koran burning day. I was raised Christian but no longer practice, and Im an American. If some guy across the world said he would burn a bunch of bibles or American flags (which does happen frequently) I wouldn't care. You don't see people of other faiths in any country leading riots and killing innocent people over the depiction of their faith in a Youtube video or what some crazy southern said he would do to books I assumed he bought just to burn them.

These are major turn offs to networks who have to make money of their shows. They make money by the people who buy ad time for commercials. Even a legitimate show about a muslim family was cancelled. TLC's All American Muslim. Research the controversy on that show. To be fair to the Bajorans they unlike the Islamist/Muslim terrorists in the middle east constantly use bombs that drastically effect the civilian population. You can't go two days without hearing about some new bomb killing innocent people in Pakistan, or Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Yemen. The list goes on.

Networks see the words religion and terrorism and they'd pass.
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