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Re: Voyager - What if...?

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Shelby is all about weapons.

Janeway couldn't build new torpedoes.

Shelby would have a full compliment of tricobolt missiles.

Janeway built an airponics bay.

Shelby would be making new phaser batteries.

Janeway gives fair warning.

Shelby finishes fights before the other guy has had his morning coffee.

Imagine Kazon Coffee.

You need some better inspiration to seek out the Alpha quadrant?
SHELBY: "Wait...this guy has Neelix's LUNGS? Well take them back!"

TUVIX: "Captain, I am a living, sentient..."

SHELBY: "You delete that Cardassian program Doctor, and I delete you."

CHAKOTAY: "You see Captain, in my culture..we call this a 'Vision Quest'.
SHELBY: "Wasn't that a really shitty wrestling movie?"
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