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I'm sorry. I must disagree.

1) I just don't see it. Her character os pretty consistent throughout the show.

2) She actually gets called on that in one ep.

3) Sisko and Curzon were very close. Jadzia and Sisko...not as much. But i enjoy how comfortable they are around each other without devoting any time explaining it for us.

If I had a problem with her, it would be that she has no real arc in the show. I'm actually pretty neutral about her.

Hopefully after she's gone you enjoy the show more...and hopefully after she's gone, there's not a...certain... moment where you go, "What the???"
1) She's consistent alright..

2) Yes she actually gets called on it a few times by Sisko and each time i went "THANKYOU SISKO!" and gave it a fist pump.

3) Perhaps at the start of the show they're not supposed to be that close (cause they just met), but they were destined to be close and by season 6 they should be, just like other characters have grown closer. I think they just don't seem to be due to their awful chemistry (I blame Farrell).

In one episode in season 6 (can't remember which), benjiman says something like "I couldn't talk to anyone about it, not even Dax". So that's evidence they're supposed to be really tight.

Also, if Sisko isn't meant to be close to Dax, that mean's he's not meant to close to any other characters except his son. Don't you think there's something wrong with that?
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