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Re: whats your rank of TOS and TNG films?

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The Voyage Home
Star Trek
First Contact
The Undiscovered Country
The Wrath of Khan
The Search for Spock
The Final Frontier
The Motion Picture

I still think that The Wrath of Khan is overrated. Good, but overrated.
I too feel TWOK is overrated. Heck I even started a topic about the subject. In our modern world of pdf's, audiobooks, Ipads, kindles and lasik. Seeing Kirk carry around a hardcover book and putting on reading glasses is so disheartening and make Kirk look pathetic. Kirk's midlife crisis is not nearly as entertaining to watch as Picard's. Dunebuggy, and trips to the gym and all. Glad they dropped the whole "aging captain thing" in TSFS. TVH has Kirk looking spry as ever, FF opens with him climbing a mt. and final TUC shows our captain finally dealing with his age problem in the brave new world the galaxy will face. Khan is an eh villain in the grand scheme of things. When you have Capt. Janeway who has caused more harm and has a fiercer reputation in the Delta Quadrant, it's kind of hard to get enthused about his petty grudge. Rewatching the DS9 episode "Doctor Bashir, I Presume" where the J.A.G Rear Admiral Bennett brings up the Eugenics Wars and Khan Singh (incorrectly states the date however. He says the genetic experiments and Eugenics War happened 200 years ago. That would put them during Archer's time. Not the 1990's when the "supposedly happened"). Why Star Fleet is still bringing up Khan like he was some Deus Ex Diablos threat to everything is beyond me. His supposed enhanced intelligence is never shown to do anything ingenuitively creative.

No wonder JJ Abrams cast Sherlock Holmes as his villain in Into Darkness. His brilliance as been demonstrated already, from the trailer and synopsis we know he's gonna lay the hurt on Earth. Haha

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Insurrection (Frakes/Sirtis commentary only) in top five.
When did they do a commentary track for Insurrection?
For the 2009 release of the Star Trek movies on DVD and Blu-Ray to coincide with Star Trek (2009) release on DVD and Blu-ray. Frakes and Sirtis are hilarious and all bu rip INS a new one. Funny thing is INS is the film all the TNG cast in retrospect say they dislike the most. Yes even more so than NEM. I think they realize INS is where their moment of relevancy had faded by the lackluster movie.
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