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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Arcturian fizz. I need a drink really bad.
B is for Boma. Spock blocker.
C is for Calamarain. They looked like glowing gas but struck like a solid fist.
D is for Denobulan face sac. Inflates to intimidate assholes.
E is for Earther. A common term Klingons used to describe humans in the 23rd century.
F is for Fedewation Battlecwuiser.
G is for Gorn dagger. It looked like it was fashioned from carved obsidian.
H is for Heart of Targ. I'm hungry.
I is for Intrepid. No humans!
J is for Janeway, the surname of at least two different 24th century Starfleet admirals.
K is for Kirk. God Slayer.
L is for Lantara Prime. Mentioned, but never seen.
M is for M-5. A very naughty computer.
N is for Noonian Soong. Data's father.
O is for the Old Ones. They lived in the Andromeda Galaxy and sent Sylvia and Korob on their mission to study our galaxy and its life forms.
P is for Pakleds. They look for stuff.
Q is for Quadrant. Our galaxy has four of them, although TOS often made it sound like there were far more than that.
R is for Red Alert!
S is for Stonn. He wanted T'Pring as much as Spock did.
T is for T'Pol's bum. Reed was an admirer.
U is for Underhill. Pell Underhill. Famed 22nd century Earth scientist.
V is for Valeris' hairstyle. Yikes!
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