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Re: OT: Announcing ONLY SUPERHUMAN, my first original novel!

^No problem with posting it.

This evening I had a book signing at Joseph-Beth Booksellers here in Cincinnati, and the folks there were very supportive. It wasn't as well-attended as it could've been, but better than some Shore Leave panels I've been on. And another local genre author I recently met, Laura Resnick, was kind enough to drop by and participate in the conversation. I did a reading from the novel (the same scene I did at Shore Leave in '11) and then did a Q&A. I've had a cold in my throat and my voice wasn't at its peak, but I've been treating it all day with tea & honey and cough drops (which I've already grown so sick of that I can't stand another), so I managed to get through it okay. Anyway, the folks there, both store employees and attendees, had very positive and heartening things to say about the book and its prospects for success. (And they let me keep the banner they printed up for the signing!)
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