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Hi all,

I'm watching DS9 for the first time and on the whole enjoying it a lot.. but i have one serious problem with the show, and that is Jadzia Dax. I'm new so I apologise if this has already been discussed before on these boards, but I am finding this character so irritating and Terry Farrells acting so very poor that it is actually taking away from my enjoyment of the show. I'm almost at the end of season 6 and she's either getting way more screen time than she used to or the time she's on the screen is getting that much more annoying..

I got spoilers that she gets killed off eventually, and so for the past few seasons i've been waiting for that very special episode to arrive.. during the episode 'Change of Heart', I thought it was finally about to happen, but alas, she survived (which was made even more heartbreaking by the fact that she was at her most annoying in that episode).. Recently every time she delivers a line i make my hand in to a gun and pretend to shoot her on the screen..

Why i can't stand her:

1) The main reason: Terry Farrells acting in this show is very, VERY poor. Her delivery is ALWAYS off in one way or another and she brings down the standard of every single scene she is in. Don't get me started on her facials and that cheeky little smile she does.. Truly awful.

2) She's terribly written. her dialogue reminds me of Jack O'neil in the later seasons of Stargate Sg-1, totally sarcastic and unhelpful 100% of the time. There's a dangerous situation and she's making jokes.. and for who's benefit?

3) She has the role of Spock/Data as the 'Captain's closest friend' (obviously a pretty important part) but her chemistry with sisko is awful and no matter how much he calls her 'Old man', i just can't buy that friendship..

4) She occupies 90% of Worf's screen time in which they seem to exclusively talk about their relationship.. There would be nothing wrong with that ordinarily except that Jadzia makes up one half of the relationship so i automatically want it to fail.

I've never disliked a character of an ensemble cast so much that it's actually detracted from my enjoyment of the show, but then i've never disliked a character of any show as much as i dislike Jadzia.

Did anyone else feel the same way?
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