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Re: Recommend a good RPG?

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I kind of feel like that happened because the Exile wasn't really BioWare's character. I'm more of a Revan fan than an Exile fan anyway, but still...not cool.
Basically. Drew Karphyshyn didn't seem to quite get what the Exile's hole in the force was about, to be honest. It is interesting that some of TOR's plot actually fits quite nicely with some of KOTOR2's hints and premonitions, though

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Kegg would know better than me, since I don't play regular Cataan and only bought the Trek one cause I like Trek.
Actually no, I just happened to play the Trek once and it was my first experience with Cataan but it was a really fun one. For the record the theme of Star Trek: Cataan is the TOS movie era and players use Constitution class starships and the Starbase from TSFS. The raider role is filled by a K'tinga Klingon ship. It's very balanced - just complicated enough to have in-depth strategies and not too complicated as to completely lose the player on their first play.
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