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Re: Borg tribble subplot?

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The movie ends with the surviving tribbles looking at their secret plans to the Tribble Empire’s ultimate weapon, the DEATH FURBALL, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet.
You know, this makes me realize that what actually happened when the Klingons attacked the Tribbles was even more complicated than we thought.

See, here's the truth. The Tribbles are basically Ewoks without arms or legs or faces, right (credit to Emilia for that realization)? The actual truth is though, it's not just a coincidence - tribbles *are* Ewoks, albeit in the larval stage. The little(r) ones we see in Jedi are the pupae. The tribble homeworld is on the other side of an interdimensional gateway from Endor where the Ewoks lay their fuzzy little eggs.

So, after their humiliating defeat thanks to the help of stone age teddy bears, the remaining Imperial forces were concentrated on wiping out all that remained of the Ewoks, and found themselves on the other side of the Gateway. Problem is, they went through the gateway and forward in time at exactly the moment the Klingons arrived to wipe out the Tribble homeworld.

Now of course, the Klingon Chancellor couldn't abide letting somebody else having the honor of wiping out his greatest foe, so the Imperial and Klingon fleets had themselves a tussling and in the aftermath the gate was sealed with the last tribble wiped out. The Klingons vowed to never speak of this again, of course, but now you know the truth.
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