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Re: Geordi's Authority

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I don't remember orders as in "Data, I order you to....", but I do remember suggestions as in "Hey, Data. Why don't you reroute this to that". There's a difference.
In Final Mission, while on the bridge, Geordi gets an order from Riker to increase the speed of something, and he relays one to Data;

Geordi: Data, monitor the shearing effect on the beam
And when he's with Data in engineering the demeanor is part friendly, part protocol sounding;

In Deja Q, when Geordi was with Data in engineering:
GEORDI: Data, you're my liaison to the bridge. I'll need you with me.
True, it's more like a request/order between friends, but also by same ranking officers.

From those interactions, it gives the impression that same ranking officers can give minor orders to one another.

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In that case the senior officer would be commanding the ship in Enginnering (Picard in Brothers) while LaForge would still be in command of the room's staff.
Up until Picard arrived, Geordi had control of helm, and if something happened to the senior staff, before they reached engineering he would have had total command of the entire ship at the point.

This happened in Powerplay, when there was a firefight on the bridge, and Riker transferred entire command to Engineering;

RIKER: Computer, transfer command to engineering... Full security alert!
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