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Re: Why wasn't Naomi more socially maladjusted?

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Well solitude has a major impact of people especially children,but with the Holodeck i don't think it is a problem,in addition the military concept of Starfleet will inhibit the maladjusted child,it is seen that in many families with fathers in the military children grow either excessively organized and socially aware or have major ADD.

Also a fact to consider that Naomi has never seen any other children,she has no emotional needs to be with any,the concept of ''reinforcement'' applies,in this case a neutral reinforcement.(excluding the Holodeck)

Psychologically speaking it hard to know if Naomi has issues at that time in her life,we usually observe issues like this starting form the age of 13+.
The holodeck is fully under your control. It's kind of like how in video games like Mass Effect, the fate of the entire universe is solely based on your decisions. It's not the same as dealing with actual children your age.

Although I suppose there should have been children other than Naomi on Voyager. No way those 150 people all used protection. She could have had normal social interaction with those kids who should have existed and developed more or less normally.

And what I posted on the first page has nothing to do with estrogen and everything to do with growing up without having to make compromises to get along with people. The equivalent male would probably interpret any sexual refusal as a personal attack.
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