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Re: Is the Klingon D7 Class and K'Tinga Class Battlecruiser the same s

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I blame Harve Bennett and Star Trek III. Kruge and the BOP were originally supposed to be Romulan. The story goes that Bennett changed the enemy to Klingons, since they were the original enemy species.

Whole mess has been muddied up ever since.
I agree with you except I remember reading back then that one of the reasons for changing the enemy from Romulans to Klingons was because it was thought that the Romulans looked too much like Vulcans to the average movie going audiences that were not Star Trek fans. So to avoid this confusion the Romulan enemy was changed to Klingon. However, I cannot find anything on the internet to support this.

The closest related thing I could find is from wikipedia (
Originally, the Romulans were the villains, but Nimoy preferred the more "theatrical" Klingons,[20] feeling that their pursuit of Genesis was analogous to the Soviet race for nuclear weaponry.[15]

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