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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

@Bob - I'm not sure where the disagreement is. The dialogue you quote doesn't change my statement above as the auxiliary power systems are powering the shields. Perhaps we have a different definition of "high-powered energy transfer"?

As to the battle in "Elaan of Troyius" let's look at several things at the same time:

Enterprise's shields are pretty strong, especially by episode 37.
  • In episode 9 "Balance of Terror", at warp speed her shields were barely able to hold off a weakened Romulan Plasma torpedo.
  • In episode 37 "The Changeling", her shields at both warp (first 4 hits) and impulse (the last hit) could hold off the equivalent of 90 of her own torpedoes for each hit for a total of 450 torpedoes.
  • In episode 40 "The Deadly Years", at warp speed her shields were holding off multiple Romulan Plasma torpedoes and another type of torpedo.

So by episode 57, "Elaan of Troyius", even with only impulse power, I would expect the Enterprise's shields would "hold for a few passes" (like three as seen in the episode).

The other thing about her shields are that they utilize power proportionate to the threat. In other words, they can use up all the power leaving nothing for maneuvering and/or weapons. In "A Taste of Armageddon" the shields used up enough power that the Enterprise could not fire full phasers although photon torpedoes would not be a problem. In "The Tholian Web", Spock allocates power to shields which again limited her ability to fire full phasers. In the extreme case of "Return of the Archons", the shields used up so much power that there was none left for impulse or warp and the ship was in danger of falling out of orbit.

In "Elaan of Troyius", when Scotty says they can't generate enough power to fire their weapons it would be consistent with what we've seen since the shields would be taking enough power to ward of the Klingon Battlecruiser's disruptors leaving little for impulse maneuvering. Contrast this with "The Doomsday Machine" where they have some impulse maneuvering power and were able to charge a phaser bank but *did not* have any shields up. Could the Enterprise in "Elaan" fire her phasers (at partial impulse-level power) or photon torpedoes? I would think yes, IF she had her shields down or below the point where they could stop a disruptor hit. But that would've been a short fight!

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"The "main" energizers would be where the crystals are as they would handle all the high-powered energy transfer while the auxiliary or emergency energizers would lack the extra buffering and load capacity of the "mains"."
I'm aware of your theory but find myself unable to concur:

SCOTT: I've got bad news, Captain. The entire dilithium crystal converter assembly is fused. No chance of repair. It's completely unusable.
KIRK: No chance of restoring warp drive?
SCOTT: Not without dilithium crystals. We can't even generate enough power to fire our weapons.

SCOTT: Our shields will hold for a few passes, but without the matter-antimatter reactor, we've no chance.

These lines from "Elaan of Troyius" suggest that you can have deflector shields, capable of withstanding Klingon disruptor blasts, whose energy either comes from the matter-antimatter reactor together with the dilithium crystals ("warp power to the shields") or from the main energizers.

The odd thing is that Scotty feels unable to generate phaser power, as he apparently was capable to "charge" the phaser bank of the Constellation without the availability of "warp power" (or he is just being insubordinate, feeling that deflector shield power has priority over phaser capability ).

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