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Re: Geordi's Authority

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It seems their rank was basically the same, except for Data's position. So it seems like Geordi didn't have to be formal with Data as far as rank.

Geordi never called Data "sir" but usually just Data, or in some cases "commander".
TNG was a little loose with military protocol. Also, Geordi and Data were friends and of the same rank, if not equal position from S3 on.

Everyone called Picard "Captain".
Picard and Troi called Riker "Will".
Picard called Crusher "Beverly" while everyone else refered to her as Doctor.
Everyone else seemed to be on a first name basis with each other, with Picard calling everyone Mr. Data, LaForge, or Worf, or "Counsellor".
Worf called everyone "sir", being just a lowly Lieutenant.

Nightdiamond wrote: View Post
In some cases Geordi gave Data orders in engineering and on the bridge.
I don't remember orders as in "Data, I order you to....", but I do remember suggestions as in "Hey, Data. Why don't you reroute this to that". There's a difference.

Nightdiamond wrote: View Post
And then, whenever the bridge is taken over or can't function, control and command of the entire ship is temporarily transferred to engineering.
In that case the senior officer would be commanding the ship in Enginnering (Picard in Brothers) while LaForge would still be in command of the room's staff.

Geordi and Data's professional relationship seemed to governed by their friendship rather than their position or rank.
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