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Re: Firefly first-time/rewatch (NO SPOILERS, please)

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I never saw the show when it first ran, I got the series set and the movie for Christmas and have been discovering the show for the first time myself. I already wonder why I never saw it to begin with. The characters are interesting to say the least.
They certainly are. I'm all done now but please feel free to post any observations here

One of my favorite interactions is Mal and Inara. After seeing "Out Of Gas," we see they've loved each other from the start, but from "Serenity" (the pilot) on so far, he just can't get past his disdain for what she does, and she won't forgive him for it.

Speaking of "Out Of Gas," was a bit shocked how Mal met Kaylee...she seems like such a "good" girl...

And soooo much we obviously don't know about Shepherd Book...I didn't even know Ron Glass was in the series until I started watching the episodes, that's how in the dark I was about the series...
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