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Re: Dark Territory: Shadow Puppets (Revised)

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Astral Eddy
Cargo Bay

Captain Ronzek loomed over the third stasis tube, glaring down at the insensate Bolian within it through its transparent covering. Despite heavy intoxication as well as the sedative he had laced the alcohol with, Magen had still been conscious.

And she had put up enough fight to give Ronzek and his men a few bruises. He shook his head, both amazed at Bolian physiology while also chastising himself for not knowing that beforehand.

When they entered the room, the woman had been clutching the empty bottle, which she promptly flung at Dorq, knocking the unprepared Chalnoth to the ground the second the heavy bottle connected with a loud thunk against his temple. Surprisingly the bottle didnít shatter against his duranium-thick skull.

That had been the Bolianís best move. Once on guard, Ronzek and his men wore her down and then the captain cuffed the back of her head, being careful not to kill her. It was not what some of the men wanted after she had wounded their pride, but they werenít paying for her or the others.

Even unconscious, the woman had a determined look on her face, as if she were struggling in her dreams. He pondered who she and the other two men really were. No one went through this much trouble, or spent this much coin, on simple businessmen.

Ronzek entertained asking the woman he would hand them off to for more information, but quickly disabused himself of the idea. He wasnít getting paid to ask questions, he was getting paid to make a delivery.

And once that was done, he had other deliveries to make. He glanced at the room full of similar tubes, each with a body resting inside. Unfortunately for Gabler and company, the Astral Eddy had been such a cheap ride not merely because it was meant to be their last, but also because Ronzek had another deal to deliver living beings, no questions asked.

So he didnít have time to ask questions about Gabler even if he wanted to. Time always was, and always would remain, money. And Ronzek had precious little of either.
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