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Aragorn wrote: View Post
Moriarty should be Red John. Then CBS can have a big crossover.

And only The Machine knows his true identity.
Funny. Especially since Patrick Jane is so much like Sherlock's Holmes (well, except that Jane's sociopathic tendencies are reformed, for good reason) it would be the next best thing to having Cumberbatch guest.

Christopher wrote: View Post
I wonder how long it'll be before we meet Moriarty in person. And I wonder how long it'll be before this Holmes has his own version of Reichenbach Falls.
Five seasons, they hope. Truthfully, I hope they bring back Adam Kimper as one who keeps getting away. Kimper wouldn't be a Napoleon of Crime of course. But that's one's getting a little hard to believably put on screen.

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
It better not be Watson.
True. But, I wonder if Doherty has read the late, great Michael Dibdin's The Last Sherlock Holmes Story?

(Yes, I know I'm evil.)

I don't think the actor who pretended to be Sherlock's father was actually Moriarty, because it doesn't make sense that Moriarty could count on Sherlock never re-accessing his genuine friend/accents tutor.

Moriarty is plainly supposed to be in the UK which asks the question of how and why they would keep falling afoul, except that the villain keeps trying to kill the designated hero, just because. Like in the comic books.
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