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Re: DS9, Worf and Continuity.

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O'Brien: You look good in red.
Worf: What do you mean by that? This is nothing new. I used to wear red, seven years ago!
O'Brien: I remember.
Worf: You should remember, because you were there. On the Enterprise.
O'Brien: True. I wore red too. And I used to wear the insigna of a full lieutenant for some reason.
Worf: It feels good. And by "it feels good", I don't mean that I don't remember wearing red, because I totally do.

From "Deep Space 9 for Nitpickers", volume 47.
This screams blu-ray extended edition! I'd buy it twice.

Poor O'Brien didn't even have a name when he was in red, so I doubt he gave a shit about what uniform Worf was wearing, or if it made his eyes look good.
Aren't you just a little bit curious?
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