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Re: Voyager - What if...?

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I suspect Tuvok didn't become First Officer because producers didn't want to veer too closely to Spock allusions. And considering how some people around here think Janeway fought the Borg too many times, would we have given up completely if Captain Shelby went gunning for Borg as early as first season?
After Shelby got done with the Borg in Scorpion Part 1, they'd know she was major badass and would leave her alone. That way they wouldn't need to bring Seven on (or if they did make the character a hot male walking around in silver bodypaint).

teacake wrote: View Post
And everyone would have been happy

I can't imagine her putting up with anything that came out of Neelix's mouth either.
Firstly, speak for yourself, I don't need to see a Shelby/Torres relationship . They would play off well against each other, but I don't see it going into anything more intimate. Perhaps though, since they are both strong-willed and forceful women they would find they had more in common and Shelby could take a more mentoring role with Torres (just a thought).

Secondly, I think she would have kicked Neelix off at the end of Caretaker--unless the character was vastly rewritten into someone far more likeable.
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