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Re: Was Timeless the best Harry Kim episode better?

Oh that would be awesome.

After a hard day of being oppressed by the Paugh wraiths Penny takes Ben's toupee off and says... "I don't know why you have to wear this ridiculous thing, you look perfectly fine without it."

"You wouldn't understand. Real men have... Our hair, it shows that... I don't want to be less than everyone else."


This was before disposable razors, I'm supposed to believe that in a nut house, that they let him shave his own head or someone does it for him? No shoe laces but a straight edge razor is fine? I saw something once where they had to tie their patients down, and I do mean so that they couldn't move their heads, before the barber would even think about taking a bit off the sides because between the ticks and child like behaviour, someone always inevitably lost an ear if they didn't.
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