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Re: Did Klingon culture become too stereotyped by the end of DS9?

I don't think that the lawyer in ENT or lawyer in DS9 are great examples - they still missed the point.

Klingon society is still presented one-dimensionally, but now with added stereotypes gleaned from caste systems (ENT) - or in DS9's case, the prosecutor is interesting, but the society he is in still behaves absurdly.

As someone said on the other page, 2 minutes of Klingons talking calmly and logically in that JJ Abrams scene was like a breath of fresh air - for all their attempts to rationalise things, Klingons in ENT and DS9 still behaved like walking stereotypes.

"It's interesting that people talk about the deleted scene from Star Trek as offering something different, because when you watch it, you realize that what seems so different is that the actor is speaking in a calm voice, and that's enough of a diversion to make the whole thing seem completely fresh."

They lacked what filmmakers sometimes call 'naturalism'.
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