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Re: Do you agree with TNG being cut short for the movies/other shows?

I think the show left on top. Creatively, even if the seventh season was a bit of a let down in a few ways, there were still a good amount of entertaining episodes, and the finale was easily the best finale of Trek, period. We often forget about episodes like "Attached," where Picard and Crusher finally come to grips with their feelings with each other, or seeing the ship from a unique, junior officer perspective in "Lower Decks."

There's so many good character arc endings in the seventh season that I can't fully dismiss the season outright. When it first aired, I was so in love with the characters that I was completely onboard, even though there was nothing as vividly memorable as "The Best of Both Worlds" or "The Inner Light" or "Family."

I think, if they had an eighth season, they could have regrouped, seen the faults of the previous season, and given us a higher quality finale season. But, as it stands, I love a lot of Season Seven (more than most people, I'd gather) and I wouldn't change anything.
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