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Re: Voyager - What if...?

I don't know Liz, or her views, but this is what Kate Mulgrew's moral input did to the show'... Kathryn is a born again virgin with her legs glued shut.

The most opposite thing Liz could have arranged was to have given Berman permission to let Shelby slut it up making it open season on her cooch.

"It's the 24h century. Women are not oppressed. It's not a miracle that a woman is captain and I didn't have to work twice as hard as a man to get here, there is equality, and my sexuality is not seen as a weakness or a liability, I want to make out with the weirdest looking aliens your makeup department can invent just like Shater, you want equality, make me as big a whore as Shatner... I want evil alien Captains not to destroy my ship because they want to fuck me and I have enough guile to string them along and suggest that that's entirely a possibility until some one in engineering fixes the damn warp drive and we can run. I like sex, and I think Shelby likes sex as much as I do, and I may never have lived in my car but Shelby can't have a long term stable relationsip with anyone since the ship is always in motion running away from whoever Shelby might be contemplating falling in love with... It's impossible for her to get a third date! Fist date wham bamm is the only option."

Or Liz Dennehy could have entirely the same opinions on sex in the workplace as Mulgrew.
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