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Re: Rate 2012 in Trek lit

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Or Black Country - from good to bad...

I really want the next novel poll to use this one, just for the fun of all of us from the rest of the world trying to figure out what the hell they mean!!

("Riffy" sounds to my ear like it should be the best of the four, not the worst...)
You know, those all sound like good names for redshirts!

"Captain! The aliens . . . they killed Bostin and Natty and Codge!"
Greg, please, be my guest ! They're all in common usage and couldn't possibly be subject to any copyright issues.

For reference -

Bostin' - short for 'bosting' meaning brilliant, fantastic etc. For example,' 'Ar, t'was a bostin' pint'...yes, that was an excellent beer.
Natty - good, nice, stylish.
Codge - messed up but functional, such as a slapdash repair that won't last. Bodge is another version, I.e. a real bodge job.
Riffy - poor, worn out, dirty, unkempt or unpleasant.

As an aside (and from memory), Ian Edgington who lives not far from me, included a couple of nods to The Black Country in his SCE story Caveat Emptor.

Edit - just checked ;

The character names Ainoc and Aylai are taken (and thinly disguised) from black country folklore/humour, where if ever 'one man said to another' it is Aynuk said to Ayli'. The names are actually Enoch and Eli pronounced in the Black Country dialect.

Also there is another character named Brumm, which is a shortened form of Brummagem, the Black Country name/pronunciation of neighbouring city Birmingham.

I know, too much information...

Anyway, I look forward to seeing Bostin, Natty and Codge at some point in the future
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