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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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The original 1980s Soundwave was one of my all-time favorite Transformers as a kid and I got a huge kick out of playing around with his cassette tape features and opening deck. He was a great and sturdy toy from an era not that long ago when the toys tended to hold up better and last longer under repeated wear and tear than they do now.
The new mold is kind of nice, despite the issues with his back sticking out. That's really the only major problem with having perhaps the first new Soundwave who can carry minions like his G1 self. The original version of the FoC mold (before they put tha feature in and scaled it up) isn't bad either. I rather like Soundwave having a communications vehicle sort of mode, even though it was cool having a non-vehicular G1 mode as well.

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