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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

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Having a variety of colors to distinguish the characters makes sense, but the show has enough character development to make me believe that Razer won't stay red forever. Who knows, maybe we're both right and he'll stay red for the duration of the show and go green in the last moments of the final episode. The idea of learning to channel anger is a good one. I'll have to think about that some more. I've always seen anger as a negative emotion to be gotten rid of, but real peace/power/personal growth etc is said to come from acceptance and integration, so you may be onto something with regards to the Razer's development. Or his journey may lead to a transition to another color. Back to square one.

We'll see.
I actually don't think that Razer will end up a Green Lantern. If anything I think the fact that he was drawn to Saint Walker is a good sign that at some point, he will finally cast off his anger and accept that there is hope. I think he'll end up a blue lantern.

I think that its also importnat to remember that the Red Lanterns are not inherently evil. They are just angry...and they have justifiable anger at the Guardians for what they did. Even in the animated series, they justify their actions with the idea that they were bringing order to their space. They also were seeking justice for what the Guardians did to their worlds.
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