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Re: Episode of the week: Conspiracy

MikeS wrote: View Post
This episode feels "epic". It seemed to be much longer than 47 minutes, and not in a bad way.
Exactly the word I was going to use. Yes, this is the first "epic" story of TNG. It's good scoring and a sense of atmosphere that make it work. I don't think the writing is all that great.

Use of Time wrote: View Post
I really wish there would have been a follow up episode to this. It was such a cool ending to the episode to with that shot of space and the transmitting sound.
Yes, it feels like it should have had a sequel. Let's throw some story ideas around.

But for now, my notes:

DATA: I see. So the difficulty in attaining such complex positioning in zero gravity environment, coupled with the adverse effect it would have on the psychological well being of the average human male, is what makes this anecdote so amusing. Yes. Very humorous indeed. Hysterical, in fact.
(Data attempts to imitate a laugh. It is very forced)
I love the way Spiner performs this. He's the only regular TNG actor with a good feel for comedy (unless you count Whoopi).

TROI: I know I won't. I've been really looking forward to a nice swim.
DATA: You are aware, Counsellor, that the holodeck can be programmed to recreate an oceanic environment.
TROI: Data, it's just not the same. Have you ever been for a real moonlight swim?
This is kind of interesting. In The Big Goodbye, Picard says the holodeck seems completely real. Several seasons hence in Ship in a Bottle, Picard and Data will prove unable to distinguish the holodeck from reality.

Is Troi saying here that there is a perceptible difference between a holodeck moonlight swim and a real moonlight swim, or is she describing a psychological effect where knowing that it's a holodeck diminishes the experience? If the latter, why would she expect Data to understand?

DATA: One can swim in moonlight?
Is this Data being an idiot or Data making a joke?

KEEL [on monitor]: Don't trust anyone. Remember that, Jean-Luc. Don't take anything for granted.
He must mean "Don't trust anyone except me," because he has given Picard no other reason to divert to Dytallix.

PICARD: And there will be no records or logs mentioning any aspect of this diversion.
Wait, what?

KEEL: Tell me, Jean-Luc, where did we first meet?
RIXX: (the alleged Bolian) Answer the question.
PICARD: Tau Ceti Three. It was a bar. Quite an exotic one as I remember. What do I win?
KEEL: Do you recall the night you introduced Jack Crusher to Beverly?
PICARD: You know full well I hadn't even met Beverly then. You introduced them.
KEEL: My brother introduced them.
PICARD: You don't have a brother. Two sisters, Anne and Melissa. What the hell is this all about?
(Keel nods, and weapons are put away)
RIXX: Apologies, Captain. We had to make sure you were really you.
The questions about where they met and introducing the Crushers seem like good questions. On the other hand, the fact that Keel has two sisters and no brother is something the bugs could learn from records.

PICARD: The people involved in this are of the highest calibre. If I didn't believe in their loyalty, I wouldn't have gone this far.
But... "Don't trust anyone."

WORF: Sensors not detecting any bodies in the flotsam
What happened to the bodies?

DATA: Please continue with record scan.
Another great moment from Spiner.

RIKER: I think I'll summon my Science Officer.
(Quinn grabs his arm with a surprising amount of strength)
QUINN: It won't like your Science Officer. It does like you! Vitamins. They do wonders for the body.
(There's a very one-sided fight - Quinn easily throws Riker around the room)
LAFORGE: Admiral. Don't you think we should wait until the Doctor gets here?
(Quinn throws him through the plywood doors into the corridor)
QUINN: Now, Klingon, it's between you and me.
(Worf's double handed blows have no effect. Quinn floors him easily)
QUINN: Do Klingons fear death as much as humans? I could snap your neck in a second, but it wouldn't be as much fun.
This is difficult to explain. It seems like Quinn's blowing his cover on purpose here. Why would he do that?

One of the questionable joys of the Blu-ray is that Ward Costello's stunt double doesn't look like him at all.

RIKER: You're not going anywhere. You'll be one of us soon.
AARON: You were meant for the Doctor.
RIKER: It couldn't be helped. Riker walked in on us unexpectedly.
So showing it to Riker wasn't part of the plan? Did Quinn's bug go insane?

(Aaron checks the back of his neck. The gill is there)
Good thing he forgot the other test, which is to ask questions an impostor couldn't answer.

The special effects of the bugs look laughably cheap in HD. Like the stunt double, it can't be helped. This show wasn't made with HD in mind.

REMMICK: You don't understand. We mean you no harm. We seek peaceful co-existence.
(So Riker and Picard shoot him and as his body falls apart, the alien inside him that spawns the parasites looks out at them. So they kill that too)
I might be inclined to give him a chance to explain what it is he thinks we don't understand. On the other hand, if I hesitate too long, my curiosity might get me killed.

Captain's log, stardate 41780.2. ... We'll never know how many of these life forms infiltrated Starfleet,
How can we not know? Wouldn't the people who had been compromised know that they had been compromised?

but it seems they could not survive without the mother creature which had taken over Commander Remmick.
This is what I call a SPOF DEM, which is a pet peeve of mine.
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