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Re: Voyager - What if...?

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Who cares if the casual fans didn't recognize Shelby? I doubt they recognized Janeway before Caretaker? I would've enjoyed seeing a series centered on Shelby, all while laughing that she made captain before Riker.
Riker was offered Captaincy no less than three times in the first two seasons (one of which was prior to taking the Enterprise assignment). For whatever reason, Riker just wasn't interested anymore in becoming a Captain (despite earlier admissions about wanting to be a Captain by 30).
Yes, I did watch Best of Both worlds too.

Those reasons really didn't make sense at all, especially after Riker was brevetted captain of the Enterprise and basically had the rank if he wanted to keep it given that Starfleet was stated to be expanding and building new ships.

Really the reasoning boils down to they don't want to break up the cast mid run and we'll plug in a quasi on screen explanation.

Shelby did have more ambition and drive than Riker to be certain.
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