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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 68; A New Beginning...

Sisko (Thinking) - I wonder if people think my hair has migrated south for the winter since I saved my head.

Dukat - OK Major I apologise your mother wasn't a whore, now would you please stop squeezing my testicle!!

Martok - Nobody calls me a cyclops, you bald headed Pahtak

Kira - Is that true

Sisko - Maybe...

Dax - I am a bit short tonight...

Quark - Thats OK you can pay in umox....

Dax - In your dreams.

Worf - Send damn you!! Stupid phone. Jadzia, we must go to the Car Phone Warehouse!! I hear the iPhone 6000 is much better this piece of rubbish!!

Dax - Whatever you say Worf.
Phlox - "I'm fine!"
T'Pol - "You nearly shot the captain's dog!"
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