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Re: Anti-Spock racism/general disrespect for the XO

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Well, I was born in the 80s but I am a visible minority myself. Wasn't raised very differently than most other folks where I grew up though, so I don't think there were vast cultural difficulties for me. I did put up with some racism in my teens though.

And I don't see anyone I work with reacting in those ways. Current folks are tougher than the old codgers ( )think we are.
Oh, so then in-point-of fact, being born "in the 1980's", as you now reveal - which is pretty close to what I guessed, 1989 or thereabout, though you remained evasive in your response - means your schema was formed primarily with the 1990 social re-conditioning agenda via Media/School/Social, active and in place, hence the attitudes you embrace and reactions you have regarding the 1966 STAR TREK characters normative on-screen behavior.

Another thing to consider, is if you were raised in the USA from say 5 to 18 anytime during the 1990's, if so, it would make it even harder for you to do the cultural comparison of pre-1990 and post-1990 pro/con, having not lived through both in the socio/religo/politico cognitively-aware sense.

Here is a quick self-test to see where you are coming from:

During your "formative" youth, was there then, any currently produced TV shows airing AT THAT TIME - NOT RE-RUNS - where a WHITE MAN - who was NOT acting in his capacity as a Government official - who punched ANY other characters (not as comedy) on a regular basis?

The answer will determine what social-conditioning agenda your were exposed to through Media/Social/Education government indoctrination programs.

If you answer 'AL BUNDY', understand he is purposely set-up to portray white men who grew up on the old Media-fueled social conditioning program as buffoons and 'wrong',.. a 'negative reinforcement', to show young minds how "bad men" behave, think, and will FAIL in life,... and how YOU will meet the same fate if you behave like the "bad man" in the coming 'Socialized New Age of Globalization'.

Since TOS is so iconic, and wholly responsible for all the TREKS that followed, did you ever bother to ask yourself WHY there are no other captains who regularly PUNCH IT OUT, and say things like: THEY ARE __(race/culture other than us)____, and we KNOW what a __(race/culture other than us)____ is!!!!" - Errand of Mercy(?)

If you answer, "because man has 'advanced' past such brutal tactics',.. or,. well you see, the UFP and ____ are now 'friends', everyone is the same,.... you are not looking at what message 'Big Brother' is really televising.


What puzzles me though is why you seem to be so hard on SPOCK, as with what you have revealed in the above post,.. I would think he would be the one character you "reach" more than any other.

Can you explain?


Oh and yes,.. YES, BOMA is totally out-of-line, a danger to his fellow crew members, and totally insubordinate (and possibly a racist too, as the hostility level and disdain for SPOCK and his Logic-driven culture, exuded by Don Marshall is potent!! - Are the Trek writers trying to show you something, not overtly spoken in the script?... Hmm,, could be )

Oh, and sorry you had to deal with Jerks growing up,.. just remember Jerks and Bullies come in all shapes, sizes, colors, religions, and sexual-orientations,... they are just at their worst when they abuse their position and numbers, just to give others a hard way to go,... in the end, its just their way to make themselves feel better about themselves,....pathetic,.. sorry to hear you had to experience that.
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