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Re: "Fallen Hero"

I thought the episode was fairly average. I can't say I listed it among my favorites. It wasn't overly bad, but just cliche in places and to me it seemed more frosting to less cake in the content. The whole Risa teaser is just familiar ground to the Trek audience by now, and the only eyebrow raising part was T'Pol asking them about sex.

V'Lar was a breath of fresh air. One of the few Vulcans not afflicted with Evil Vulcan Syndrome. You'd think it would be.... logical... for a diplomat to learn the customs of other species so you don't piss them off, especially considering they are "emotionally handicapped" after all. But so many Vulcans in delicate positions do their best to throw a wall up between their differences and humans in their behavior like say Soval.

But a likeable Vulcan? We can't have that so the plot has to try and kill her off as quickly as possible. I really don't get why they just let the Mazarites go... Starfleet or the Vulcans... but reset button is pushed, everything is as it was before and we never hear for anyone or anything in this episode again... except Risa because sex planets just define Star Trek.
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