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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

Come to think of it, how often have we really seen Kirk, Spock, and McCoy together at once and dominating a scene on the movie screen?

---TMP: An early scene where McCoy, Kirk, and Spock have an uncomfortable meeting in the lounge. Maybe the final scene counts, but Decker is there too, and the scene's mostly about him.
-- TWOK: The debate about Genesis, otherwise, nothing major I can remember. It was Kirk and McCoy together, or Kirk and Spock.
-- TSFS: No, other than McCoy had Spock's katra.
-- TVH: Not really. McCoy voiced his opinion to Kirk and Spock about trying to find whales, but that was about it. Kirk and Spock paired off on Earth, and McCoy went with Scotty and Sulu. It was Kirk and McCoy in the hospital. There was some banter between McCoy and Spock on the Klingon ship.
-- TFF: Yes. Marshmallons.
-- TUC: Not really. It was Kirk and McCoy paired off, then Kirk and Spock towards the end of the movie.

So, as long as we have moments between Kirk and McCoy, and moments between McCoy and Spock, I'd say the movie will be pretty consistent with what went before on the big screen.
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