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Re: What unseen Star Trek event do you want to read about next?

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Unless, of course, they just wanted a Sherlock Holmes (or Star Trek) fix . . . .
Some people want their archetypes and icons, some people want their character development and change. Both are important.
Yeah totally. I suppose my point was I hope Pocket Books don't neglect the latter for the perceived marketability of the former. I think it mainly applies to the developing timeline(s) set after the TV shows.
I would hope that there would be room on the list for both. It can be fun to expand beyond the TV shows, as with Christopher's DTI books, but it would probably be a mistake to assume that every reader wants to leave the TV shows behind. There's a reason that "STAR TREK" is printed in big type on the front covers--to attract fans of the movies and TV shows!

(Says the guy who has a new 5YM book coming out!)
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