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Re: Anti-Spock racism/general disrespect for the XO

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What exactly was so good with that,
Well, if you weren't there,... there would be no way to explain the difference to you,... let me guess, you were born sometime after 1989,.. yes?
Well, no actually. I'm older than that.

It so bad today that you can't make a crack about something totally innocuous without someone reading their own personal paranoid BS into it, and projecting something completely different onto your words,
"Totally innocuous" in what way? Making cracks about Jewish people being greedy, Arabs wearing towels on their heads, etc?
Really? Then you should be able to compare and contrast the pre-1990 and post 1990 cultural paradigm shift, and answer your question for yourself. The good and bad in both, is very evident.

Absolutely not! - Using the people you cited in your question - A crack about how cheap the towels are in the company washroom,.. and both guys in your example run down to HR crying,.. one claiming you made a remark as crack about Arabs aimed at him, and the other claiming your remark was aimed at him because he is Jewish.

I am talking about people who are so hypersensitive and paranoid, that if someone sneezes - "A-CHOO" - in their conditioned state, will patently swear you called them a "A JEW" as a slur,.. or,.. ask the fellow next to you at the sink station in an employee bathroom - who is nearest the dispenser - if he wouldn't mind handing you a towel,.. and he runs out screaming to the HR dept, that you purposely singled him out in front of the other men, to make fun of his Arabic culture.

Happens everywhere,.. even on here.

It is all just so sad,.. and it's the preamble, via social conditioning, to the eventual institution of the "Orwellian Thought Police"
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