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Do you want to see the Enterprise in your lifetime?

I am here writing to tell you about some excellent news. Although the Death Star petition failed (because it was...absurd) there is a far less absurd petition in the works currently!

"We have within our technological reach the ability to build the 1st generation of the USS Enterprise. It ends up that this ship’s inspiring form is quite functional. This will be Earth’s first gigawatt-class interplanetary spaceship with artificial gravity. The ship can serve as a spaceship, space station, and space port all in one. In total, one thousand crew members & visitors can be on board at once. Few things could collectively inspire people on Earth more than seeing the Enterprise being built in space. And the ship could go on amazing missions, like taking the first humans to Mars while taking along a large load of base-building equipment for constructing the first permanent base there.

For more information see"

Please sign this! Its so important! Let's see an Enterprise in our lifetime, even if it's only sub-light...
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