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Re: Hawaii 5-0 Season 3 discussion/spoilers

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Was the boss one a good ending? I thought the student one was tenuous at best. Why would a subpar student suddenly decide he wanted to steal his professor's research? The other endings are online--I need to go watch.

Loved Kono's storyline with Sang Min--he might be my favorite baddie!

Danny's punk nephew was hilarious, and I love that Steve and Danny got mistaken for some sorority girl's two dads--and that Steve was upset that someone thought he was old enough to have a college age kid, not that he and Danny are a couple. Priceless!
How did the ending change except for a name over the cell phone and a different guy being shot by Steve and Chin Ho?

I was expecting a bit more from Sang Min, it was a replay from his lat appearance, are they setting up another escape from Hawaii's supermax? Will we see an intern CSI Guido, they clearly stated he has to go to school somewhere so no instant academy for him.

Still I liked it, I don't expect Sherlock Holmes stuff from Commander McGarrett
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