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The need for supplies and the hardships they faced along the way was never made a big thing. None of the crew had major morale problems (surely some would feel devastated at being 70 years away from home), and I find it weird that none of the others wanted kids. Given their situation and the fact that they only sure fire way home was a long trek, priority should have been given to start having kids and readying them to take over half way through.
That's because they never really sold the idea that this journey actually could take 70 years - as an audience, we never really bought it because none of the crew really seemed to buy it either - if they had then they would have started families, etc but it quickly became apparent that no one on board expected to be in the Delta quadrant for too long - that was the main flaw....if the crew don't behave in a way that suggests they're genuinely gonna be travelling for decades to get home then how can you expect the audience to buy into the premise

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Not to mention the ship looking like it had just left Utopia and the start of most episodes, no matter how much of a pounding it took the previous episode.
Year of hell should have been a season long arc - they could have still pressed the reset button at the end of the season (which might have annoyed some) but at least we would have had one season that was slightly more realistic
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