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Re: What unseen Star Trek event do you want to read about next?

It could be really awesome - it could work as a series too, if CBS don't want to go with the new timeline - like early TNG and ENT, it would be like a new beginning, full of awe.

Also a chance to have some far-future technology that is more in line with current expectations, such as space suits that are basically like the Liquid Metal Terminator - you just step into the blob, and it forms around you - flies under it's own power, etc.

Early TNG is often derided, but actually, the sense of awe and experimentation in season one was sometimes great - like when The Traveler catapults the Enterprise across the galactic supercluster.

Or when Riker is talking about that legendary planet, and it de-cloaks in front of them. The sense of weird, wonderful, exotic, wacky places that was absent in subsequent series.
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