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Re: Jack Reacher yes,no, maybe so

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Is there less and less room for old-fashioned mid-range thrillers, that only Denzel seems to make any more?
Why spend ~ 4 hours and more than ten bucks on a trip to a 2+ hour movie when the content (brooding crime drama with an emphasis on twisty plots and wisecracks) looks like any of the dozens of cop/quasi-cop dramas airing every night? Why not wait a few months and Redbox it for $1.30 instead?

And does there need to be more than one Jack Reacher movie? Is the character so complex, and his story so nuanced, that a single movie more than half an longer than Casablanca can't do him justice?

... Or was the aging star of Mission: Impossible rather trying to score a similar payout on a much easier, domestic shoot? Did he and Paramount hope they'd found a Twilight-meets-Saw sort of perpetual cash motion machine?

It seems to me that if Cruise wants to keep making M:I-sized checks, he's got to keep making M:I-sized movies.
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