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Re: Was The Expanse really 50 ly from Earth, and 2000 ly across?

I've never understood why that is frowned upon in forums, as it hardly adds to the server's workload or anything - I think it only applies when someone is blatantly spamming for post-count, and not contributing anything to a discussion.

I've always found it easier to make a different post for a different reply, then it's easier for the person being replied to, to differentiate their discussion, from another one, if they are just skimming the topic

Anyway, on topic, like I said, I can't find where the reference for "50 light years" comes from - it might have been some Memory Alpha editor's personal 'theory', based on travel time/warp speed.

The 2000 light year region might not be quite as awful, if it's far away from the Federation, Klingon Empire, Cardassian Union, and Romulan Star Empire.
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