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Re: Borg tribble subplot?

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Can they go underwater?
If they do, then I would expect to see a technical explanation as to how they can.

...By the way, is the "Borg Tribble" thread another attempt at creating a "Blue Nacelle"-type thread? Blue Nacelle-type threads aren't created, they just spontaneously come into existence.
Excuse me, but I provided a very logical and thought-out explanation for my theory. While the movie could work without Borg tribbles, I don't think it will be as good as it would be with Borg tribbles. And the more Borg tribbles appear in the film, the better a film it will be. I call this the "tribble quotient." A Trek film with a low tribble quotient has a higher potential for disappointment.

Given that genetic engineering may be one of the plot elements of Star Trek: Into Darkness, we could also see Borg tribbles with new and unique powers, such as the ability to fly, communicate telepathically (assuming there's no canonical evidence that they could already do so), and read Cosmo.
Five stars!
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