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Re: Surviving Vulcan Elders.

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Regardless, re: how many Vulcans are left...

some 10,000. There are no colonies.

Old Spock: "I have already located a planet suitable for us to settle as a colony."

Makes sense. I think Enterprise said or implied that the Vulcans were content to just be minor explorers.

edit: Also having watched it again this afternoon, with time to pause and reflect...I'm more than prepared to upgrade the film from really really good to...'fantastic'.
Sheer percentages would indicate more than 10,000 people were off planet at the time. Take... America today. Boom, blow it up. I guarantee there are more than 10,000 Americans alone outside of the country right now. Tourists, military personnel, businesses, foreign embassies, etc. And we're just 300 million as opposed to the 6 billion figure offered.

I think the 10,000 number was just survivors off Vulcan and that there had to be people off world, especially given it's part of the Federation. Especially when Enterprise establishes they have outposts and temples on other worlds. They probably have full fledged colonies too.
That begs the question of how 10,000 people got off Vulcan. Nero destroyed the fleet that arrived from Earth. I can't imagine him allowing Vulcans to escape seeing as he wanted to kill them all. There's no indication in the movie that there's any other surviving ships in orbit of Vulcan. The NuEnterprise may be big bit I can't imagine it was ab;e to beam up 10,000 people especially given the problems they had beaming up Kirk and Sulu to say nothing of Amanda. NuChekov may be good but he's not THAT good.

Assuming 10,000 people beamed up six at a time would require 1,666 transporter cycles. Even with 10 transporters (a guess, we don't know how many transporters the ship has) operating you're looking at each of them performing 166 beam up cycles.

And then there's the question of where you put them.

It's clear that the original intention was that there were only 10,000 Vulcans left in total.
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