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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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An excellent point.
But did he intentionally tank a scene with Takei that would have given him (Takei) command of a starship 4 films earlier than VI? Hnnh? HNNH!?

At least I think I read that.
So he would have a crippled (by Scotty) ship in III, not be in IV or V at all and have the same scenes in VI, maybe. By then, people would have thought "Sulu? Sulu Who?" and a different captain would have been helming the Excelsior. If Shatner did this on purpose, he did Takei the actor a big favor.
Oh now....they managed to work Worf into all the TNG films. And in an escalating order of continuity nods!

FC: "Mr. Worf! The Defiant will be fine, we could sure use your help."
INS: 'Oh. Mr. Worf what are you doing here?"
NEM: ....**** it...
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