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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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Most people argue that in the JJ Universe uhura is now the 3rd lead and Bones has been made into a secondary character.
No, most people don't argue that.

I honestly think they do,in fact this argument started when the dvd of the 09 film was released there was mild complains about zoe been on the front of the dvd instead of karl urban.

the dvd cover had quinto, pine and zoe.(the new big three)

then ofcoures the trailer for the second film. So far we have only seen spock,uhura and kirk in civilian clothing.

we know kirk looses his captaincy so he goes on a deadly adventures to capture john harrsion with spock and uhura at his side .

My point is, In TOS it will have been Bones instead of uhura.

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