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Re: Die Hard V - Not Looking Good...

Maybe. If you are 16/17yrs old the last DH was 5yrs ago AND PG-13. Making you 11/12yrs old so it's highly possible it's teen audience might be stronger than you'd think.

Which could turn out to seem an incredible sense of accidental foresight that the studio seeded a younger generation into the DH franchise to then boost this one right back to R, thus pleasing everyone and growing the fanbase.

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I'm too lazy to post a link but there are tv spots jumping up again and, best of all, it's been announced that this movie will be R-rated! Rejoice motherfuckers, rejoice!
I'm glad about this, but I can also think of a few films for which this has been (partially at least) the kiss of death (Dredd for one, but also Watchmen). Personally I'm happy about this though!!
My thoughts were that DREDD suffered from being released between Resident Evil Retribution and Looper which became a break out hit. That and not having a marque value name, despite great reviews played into it's downfall and not it's R rating.

On Thursday, the 17th, they are announcing the theaters that will have an all day DH marathon build up to the movies release.
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