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Re: David Foster reveals his plans for a new Star Trek series?

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The confusion, I believe, stemmed from some overzealous fans of the production, who believed Renegades was something that it was not. Now that's not a knock on the production itself or the ones who are creating it; just that it was misrepresented by a few people.
Same with the Foster pitch -- a number of fans mistook it for something that CBS was actually developing, rather than something that an outsider just said he would like to pitch to them. All too often, the Internet is a big game of telephone.

No fan production is official, because it was not produced by CBS. Period.
Well, that's mostly right. Fan productions are, by definition, not professional. However, there are two cases of official Star Trek productions being subcontracted to other studios -- the animated series was produced by Filmation Associates and the current movies are produced by Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures. What made them official is that they were co-productions with the copyright owners -- not physically made by the owners' own studio, but still licensed and collaborated on by them. Any new Trek TV series would certainly have to be owned and produced by CBS Studios, using their facilities; but these days, with so many producers being incorporated as their own production companies, any new Trek series is likely to be a collaboration. If Abrams and Lindelof made it, it'd be a co-production of CBS Studios and Bad Robot; if Kurtzman & Orci made it, it'd be CBS and K/O Paper Products; if Ron Moore made it, it'd be CBS and Tall Ship Productions; and if they went with Bryan Singer and Bryan Fuller (which I'd love to see), it would be a co-production of CBS Studios, Bad Hat Harry Productions, and Living Dead Guy Productions.
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